What is poster?

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The poster is defined as an artistic genre of graphic design, fulfilling functions of information, advertising, propaganda and political agitation [Kubalska-Sulkiewicz 2005, s.317].It is one-sided printing of large format - usually B1 (70x100 cm), but there are also smaller and bigger than that.

A good artistic poster is made up of many elements. Its main task is to advertise, intrigue the passerby and send the message. The poster must pay attention to his otherness. The similarity kills the poster [Lenica 1966, p. 8]. Another feature is the elimination of unnecessary details, ornaments, which is intended to quickly grasp the whole. The language of the posters is the language of the slogans, which prompts simplification. The designer interprets the given subject and presents it in the form of a sign, which is intended to stimulate the sensitivity of the audience, to discover the metaphor of the message.
The theme of the poster revolves around cultural, social, political, tourist or sports events.
The art posters delight their poetics. Typographic posters are astonishing at the possibility of using only letters of different sizes and positioning them on the job. Other types of this form of application, which combine photography and the use of graphic programs, also show interesting solutions and precision. The development of digital media and computer image processing still brings new opportunities for designers.
The poster is currently printed mainly in offset and screen printing techniques, but also digitally.

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