Jakub Zasada | posters

Selection of over 50 posters. Among other we will see music and cultural posters - for the Firlej Centre of Artistic Activities and for other independent events in Wrocław. Images of the song's artists, close to the author's heart, such as Brassens, Okudzhava, Młynarski, Nina Simone or Springsteen. A series of posters for the Lower Silesian Phonographic Fair, as well as posters with animals - cats, mongrels, jackdaws, rats, toads and many others.

Kuba Zasada (1985) - poster designer of the young generation. He designs posters for cultural initiatives, independent films and others. His works have been exhibited at many collective exhibitions, including the International Auschwitz Museum and the Museum of the History of Polish Jews: 24th International Poster Biennale in Wilanów (2014), Polish Poster Week in Ankara (2014), 12th Survival Art Review (2014), print control no. 5 (2017), Polish Posters under Northern Lights (2017) Exposición Últimas tendencias del cartel polaco in Valencia (2017), as well as at several individual exhibitions, including the Agora Culture Centre (2016), Bardzo Rozsądnie (2016), Uliczna Galeria Szewska Pasja (2017), Spectrum Festival (2017). Lover of songs by Georges Brassens, vinyl records, cats and cycling. He lives and works in Wrocław.


Jakub Zasada | posters
1-16 September 2018
Dydo Poster Gallery
Al. Focha 1, 30-111 Kraków


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