Search operation "Posterek" on advertising columns / Kraków


The missing "Posterek" is a poster with a 6-year-old dog wearing a crown. Characteristic feature: a poster in the face. Exactly 50 posters have escaped to the city of Kraków and our goal is to find all of them within 2 weeks. Anyone who has seen our poster on advertising columns is asked to take a photo with the poster in a given area and note the exact address of the lost poster for further identification. When all the posters are found, the dog from the poster will reveal himself to us as alive and speak with a human voice on Christmas Eve in the Dydo Poster Gallery and give us his royal orders for 2024.

We count on your help!

Please send photos in comments, in FB or Insta messages, or by e-mail office@dydopostergallery.com

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