It's just an experiment. Poster exhibition by Bogna Otto-Węgrzyn

It's just an experiment. Poster exhibition by Bogna Otto-Węgrzyn
Opening: Monday, February 5, 2024, 6:00 p.m
Dydo Poster Gallery
Kraków, al. Focha 1
The exhibition presents a selection of posters and digital sketches documenting the process of finding one's own artistic language using Adobe graphic programs. A significant part of the exhibition consists of the so-called author's editions, i.e. posters designed and printed by the author (sometimes in several alternative versions) not only without a specific client, but also without a specific purpose. In order to avoid clarifying this issue, the author decided to give the exhibition the safe title "It's just an experiment."
It is no accident that it is a reference to Peter Bilak's text on experimental typography:
“Few words are used as often and carelessly as the word “experiment.” […] The verb to experiment is often synonymous with the design process itself, which is not at all conducive to clarity, especially since every project is the result of the design process. The term experimentation may also suggest shifting away responsibility because it indicates the unpredictability of the outcome. When students are asked about the purpose of creating certain forms, they often answer, not knowing what to say: "It's just an experiment..."
Peter Bil'ak, Experimental typography, whatever that means (transl. Dorota Dziewońska).
SEE/KNOW, a selection of the most important texts on design, ed. P. Dębowski, J. Mrowczyk, Wydawnictwo Karakter, Kraków 2011.
Bogna Otto-Węgrzyn – designer, illustrator, poster artist. A graduate of the Faculty of Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (1990). Currently a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, running two original studios at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.
She uses many years of professional experience in the field of publishing graphics to design, among others, non-commercial posters and original publications. She identifies primarily with the enigmatic space between applied design and artistic graphics


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