Marta Podolska / Offcuts

Marta Podolska / Offcuts
7 - 30 September 2019

Dydo Poster Gallery
Kraków, Al. Focha 1

The author of „Offcuts" brings echoes of the Slavic element out of the contemporary routine. She combines local mithical representations of the world with emblems of modernity. She creates mosaic collages made of unusual associations, in which the need for personification of fears and desires claims for a symbolic sphere organizing the existential anguish.

The ancient Slavic culture – misterious and residual, but at the same time present in many aspects of contemporay life – becomes a pretext to consider today man's conditon and his relation to nature – once revered and nowadays downgraded and reduced to a solely instrumental function. Just like ex gods – stripped of their divinity and since then functionning uniquely in the realm of superstions and adages.

The exhibition is composed of five series: „Slavic Summer", „Ex Gods",„Cut", „Extincion" and the title-giving „Offcuts" which inspired the author to go on a journey of discovery towards the primary roots of her native culture.

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