Dydo Poster Collection is a collection by Krzysztof Dydo who has been collecting Polish as well as foreign posters since 1960.The collection includes flm, theatre, music, opera, festival, exhibition posters as well as social, political and advertising ones. It is a very dynamic collection that keeps growing.

Krzysztof Dydo has been collecting posters since childhood. They were becoming part of the collection in various ways: starting from tearing off old posters from fences and advertising poles, getting new ones from those who put them up, later on, obtaining from attendants and ushers in cinemas and theatres. He exchanged posters on poster markets, bought them, and eventually, ordered and printed them out. The collection of Polish poster comprises the works from 1945 up till now. There are other collectors, museums and artists themselves who continuously help to complete the collection.

Since 1975 there have been numerous new presentations, albums and exhibitions continuously prepared based on Dydo Poster Collection which covers several thousand Polish posters. Up till now, over 700 artistic poster exhibitions in Poland and abroad have been organized, dozens of albums dedicated to poster have been published (amongst them 100 years of Polish poster art, 100 years of cinema in Poland – Polish film poster, Polish theatre poster 1899 – 1999, Polish music poster 1899 – 2012, PL21).

In 1985 Krzysztof Dydo established the first Poster Gallery in Kramy Dominikanskie at 8-10 Stolarska Street in Cracow, as part of DESA structure. It has been operating as a private gallery owned by Krzysztof Dydo and Ewa Pabis since 1994.

The whole family of Krzysztof Dydo in involved in the life and expansion of the collection. His wife Barbara has been supporting him in his passion for years. Together with their daughters Monica, Anna, Agnes and Natalie they have been travelling with their exhibitions around the world.

In October 2017 a daughter gallery was brought to life in Cracow, at 1 Focha Avenue (former Cracovia Hotel), called Dydo Poster Gallery. Its owner, the youngest of Dydo daughters, Natalie continues her father’s passion organizing exhibitions, competitions and events aiming at artistic poster promotion.

Dydo Poster Gallery is the very place where artists, designers and fans of good artistic poster meet. Gallery specializes in promotion and sale of Polish poster, it organizes individual and theme exhibitions and competitions, it cooperates with artists and opens its doors for various cultural activities.


List of exhibitions

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